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Founder & Executive Director


Shawna is a simple country girl with a love for farming, animals and nature; but as a widow and home-school mama, her deepest passions are reserved for the Lord Jesus and her young adult daughter. 

Through the difficult experiences of abuse, infidelity, divorce, care-giving, chronic illness and the death of multiple family members, Shawna has learned to totally surrender and completely rely on God, who has faithfully carried her through every trial and used every struggle to shape her into the woman she is today. To learn more of her personal story, check out Shawna's blog under "lessons" entitled "My Story, His Glory".


Her deepest desire is to allow the Lord to use her story and her life to encourage, strengthen, and empower women by teaching them the value of total surrender to God, absolute reliance upon His Word, and a committed life of service to Christ. 


Shawna has written and taught women’s Bible studies for decades, and also does public speaking for women’s events. She enjoys sharing with others the many testimonies of God’s unending faithfulness. She is driven by her passion for the Bible and for bringing lost souls to the saving love of Jesus Christ.


Shawna is a life-long member of the Restoration Movement, studying under faithful men such as Jack Cottrell, George and Jeff Faull, Kyle Idleman and many others of like-precious faith. She has also studied through Kentucky Christian University and Summit Theological Seminary.

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