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You can purchase a paperback copy of Through the Savior's Eyes through The Christian Restoration Association's website with the link provided. You can also use Amazon to purchase a paperback copy as well as Kindle version.

Through the
Savior's Eyes

Paperback Book / Kindle Book

    What does God see when He looks at you? If you were to ask Him, how would He define you? Would the answer to these questions change the way you see yourself? How would His answers change the way you live every day?

    The more you study God’s descriptions of you, the more you’ll understand His purpose for you, and the less you will be defined by the world around you.

    This Bible study series is designed to help you discover the Biblical truth of who you are in Christ, who God created you to become, and the depth of meaning and purpose that gives to your life.

    My hopeful prayer is that through these studies, we will allow God’s word to mold and shape our mindsets to see ourselves as Jesus sees us, so that we might live out our true identity and fulfill the purpose to which Christ has called us.  


Through the Savior's Eyes
Volume 2

Is now available! You can purchase it here.

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